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Due to Covid-19 Pandemic, we’re delaying our launch date. Thank you for understanding.

We’re passionate readers like you!

We truly understand that reading is key to peace, joy, health and wealth. The more successful a person is, the more like he or she reads voraciously. Most CEOs, for instance, read 50 to 60 books per year.

With HyperByline free daily book summaries, in only 3 minutes per day, you’ll be absorbing the key takeaways of a full-length non-fiction book. In a month, you’d have had consumed 20 books. In a year, that’s a whopping 240 titles.

Best of all, this service is 100% free. You don’t need to pay at all. We dare you to compare HyperByline unbeatable benefits to other similar services that charge readers anywhere from $10 per month to $299 per year.

Why spend when you can save? And gain some knowledge along the way. Happy reading!

Jennifer Xue

Chief Editor

5 Reasons to Join HyperByline

With books from various non-fiction genres, you’ll be able to learn new skills, gain new knowledge, and apply new tips despite your busy schedule.

All in just 3 minutes a day and free of charge.

Read Anywhere

Subscribing to our e-mail daily summaries is simple and you can read from any gadget. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops. 

Speed Learning

In 3 minutes, you’d be able to grasp main ideas and important takeaways of a book instead of spending a couple weeks reading it from cover to cover. A real timesaver.


The books summarized are the latest ones in the bookstores. In fact, many of them aren’t officially published yet. Fresh from the oven!

Develop New Skills

Need to impress bosses and colleagues? In the next 3 minutes, you’ll be a few steps ahead from them. In a month, you’ll be leading hundreds of steps.

Increase Earning Potential

Learn how you can make more money from the latest best practices, case studies, and success stories from top-notch entrepreneurs and business authors. Right away.

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